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Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a criminal traffic violation here in the state of Florida, which means it’s considered much more serious in the eyes of the law than a more minor moving violation like speeding or running a stop sign. Because reckless driving potentially endangers others around you, the state has deemed it a major offense with severe criminal penalties.

To be considered driving recklessly, you must display a willful and wanton disregard for the safety of others. In Florida, you can even be charged with reckless driving if you were caught traveling 30 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. Not only will this increase the price of your ticket, but it will have significant ramifications on your license status, as well.

The following are considered reckless driving in the state of Florida:

  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Traveling in the middle of the road
  • Excessive speeding, especially in crowded residential areas or in the presence of children
  • Fleeing a law enforcement officer in a motor vehicle (reckless driving per se)
  • Failing to reduce speed prior to impact
  • Failing to look for pedestrians
  • Consuming intoxicants

It’s critical to have a reckless driving defense attorney looking out for your best interest if you’ve been pulled over in order to shield you from the severe consequences.

The Penalties for Reckless Driving

If you’ve been pulled over for reckless driving, the potential penalties will vary depending on the number of your prior offenses and the existence of any property damage or personal injury. A first offense that did not result in any injury or property damage is considered a second degree misdemeanor, which carries penalties of up to 90 days in jail or six months of probation, plus a $500 fine. A second offense could earn you up to six months in jail and double the fine.

If your reckless driving caused property damage or injury, your charge is raised to a first degree misdemeanor, which means up to one year in jail or 12 months of probation, plus a $1,000 fine. In the unfortunate event that serious bodily injury was caused, you’d be facing a third degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison or probation and a $5,000 fine.

As you can see, the criminal penalties are severe. It’s critical to consult with an experienced attorney to help you relieve reckless driving consequences.

Speedy Legal is Here to Assist You After You’ve Been Accused of Reckless Driving!

If you’ve been pulled over for driving recklessly in or around Safety Harbor, Florida, the careless driving accident lawyers at Speedy Legal are ready to help. We’re familiar with Florida traffic laws and will help you navigate the court system to try and get your charges reduced to the lesser charge of careless driving or dropped entirely. We can also help you explore options like traffic school to have your violation waived.

We’ve represented hundreds of criminal traffic violation cases and have a track record of success in and out of the courtroom. Not only do we offer our services at a better price than our competitors, but we strive to save you money in the long run by avoiding the much heavier fines of a serious traffic violation.

If you need a reckless driving lawyer near you, look no further than Chris Shaw, attorney at law. With more than a decade of experience working in Florida traffic and criminal courtrooms, he has the knowledge and experience needed to give you your best shot at beating your traffic ticket.

Christopher Shaw, Esq.

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