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Speeding Ticket Lawyer Safety Harbor FL

When you receive a traffic violation for speeding, you’re facing three to four points added to your driver’s license, fines, and traffic school. There may not be jail time involved with civil matters like speeding, but it’s still wise to hire an attorney to fight your ticket and keep your driving record clean.

Hiring a lawyer for speeding tickets can drastically reduce the costs and other potential repercussions of taking on a full penalty for a civil traffic violation. At Speedy Legal, we can help you avoid points, reduce fines, and limit time spent in traffic school.

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What Happens If You Get Two Speeding Tickets At The Same Time?

If you’re pulled over for speeding and issued two speeding citations at once, you should consider hiring a speeding ticket defense lawyer to fight your charges, or at least try to get your second offense dismissed.

One speeding ticket can be a pain, but a second ticket within a short time frame, is never good. Multiple speeding citations can cause your insurance company to view you as a high-risk driver, which means you’d have to purchase high-risk insurance and pay higher premiums.

Depending on your driving history, two speeding tickets could also jeopardize your driving privileges. Speeding comes with three to four points against your driving record, according to Florida’s point system for moving violations, and these points are cumulative and remain on your record for several years. When too many points are accumulated within a set time frame, your license can be suspended. Racking up 12 points (from speeding or other traffic violations) within one year would earn you a 30-day suspension.

Another issue involved with multiple speeding tickets comes from state-sponsored driving courses, which can help you avoid points on your license and decrease your insurance rates if you enroll voluntarily. You can only take one program within a 12-month period, and only five times within your lifetime. Being issued two speeding tickets within a year would mean you’re going to earn points and face higher payments no matter what.

Hiring an experienced speeding offenses lawyer is the best way to help keep your driving record clean and fight the tickets.

Will I Get My License Suspended For Doing Double The Speed Limit?

The potential consequences for speeding tickets depend on how fast over the posted speed limit you were driving when you were pulled over. Up to 29 miles per hour over the limit comes with the usual consequences associated with civil tickets, but if you’re caught driving 30 or more miles per hour over the limit, you’ll be required to attend a mandatory court appearance (or hire an attorney to attend for you). Otherwise, the judge could suspend your license for failure to appear. A ticket for going 30 mph over means you no longer have the option of paying a fine or attending traffic school without first attending your hearing.

Driving 50 or more mph over the limit can result in your being charged with a felony offense, which means you could be facing a $1,000 fine, court fees, and more points.

A criminal speeding offense can result in a conviction that remains on your record. If you’ve been convicted of criminal speeding before, you license could be suspended. A second conviction comes with a one-year license suspension, while a third conviction comes with a ten-year suspension, plus a third degree felony conviction on your criminal record.

A charge of reckless driving could also be added if you were speeding within a school or construction zone.

Therefore, it is possible to have your driver’s license suspended if, say, you’re going 100 mph in a 50-mph zone and you have been convicted of criminal speeding before.

If you’ve been charged with criminal speeding, hiring a speeding ticket attorney will give you your best chance of getting the ticket reduced or dismissed altogether.

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Do I Need An Attorney For A Traffic Violation?

When you pay the fine to deal with a traffic violation, you are admitting guilt, which leads to points on your driver’s license and raised insurance premiums. Even if you’re willing to pay, it’s still a good idea to fight your ticket with the help of an attorney experienced in traffic violations. Hiring an attorney can actually save you money in the long run, not to mention help you avoid having a guilty conviction for a traffic violation on your driving record.

That being said, simple cases in traffic-related matters can often be handled on your own. It’s still a good idea to consult first with an attorney to gain needed advice before you proceed.

At Speedy Legal, we’ve got years of experience specializing in speeding tickets and traffic tickets and can help you fight the charges here in Safety Harbor, FL.

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